Vietnamese Tay Dam Loom – Pattern above the Warp line

A PDF article,  Vietnamese Tay Dam loom, provided to the Complex Weavers for publication in their June 2013 Complex Weavers Journal.

These movies provide visual guidance to the above PDF,  I think a movie is so valuable.  Please read the article and then watch the movies.

This video shows the Transient Sticks in use by the weaver….Transient Sticks in Use with weaving sword

This video shows the relationship of the warp, the weaver and the pattern storage device combine to allow the weaver to use the pick up stored again and again.  How the Pattern Sticks allow the Transient Sticks to be place in the warp

And this is a link to how I’ve put this pattern storage on my loom, this process is still underway…I will share more when I get back to it!

7 thoughts on “Vietnamese Tay Dam Loom – Pattern above the Warp line

    1. thanks Laverne, glad to have you here….the dragon loom is next! Give me some feedback about how the movies work for you. I used youtube rather than pay for Videopress. I’d like to know if the youtube presentation is fast enough for you and if the commercials are too annoying! take care Deb Mc

      1. Actually I was going to thank you for making them short and for using what seeems to be small sized files. I was able to view the first one quite easily with not much of a wait. I have only watched one so far and didn’t notice any ads. I will let you know how I go with the rest.

      2. No worries, I do keep them short when I’m in country to make sure I have digital memory during an entire trip! The goal is to capture critical movements or relationships between weavers & their looms that still photos just can’t capture.

  1. Hello Deb
    Thanks so much for posting this. I’m trying to learn how to do this sort of set up on my loom. I found you via Laverne’s blog. The videos are fine no commercials etc.
    I look forward to seeing more.

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